What we do

At GB Invest we specialize in bringing together foreign investors and UK investment opportunities. Our in house experts include, lawyers, tax advisers, accountants, brokers and senior figures of the banking and financial sector. Our expert team work with foreign nationals that are looking to set up or invest in UK business and real estate.

Our experienced Board of Directors specialize in investment, immigration and entrepreneurship, working closely with UKTI – the Government department responsible for overseeing Foreign Direct Investment.

Our expert team of accountants and tax advisors that offer a menu of services, that includes everything you need to successful manage and run a business in the UK starting with the bare necessities of finding premises and staff, managing your payroll and compiling year-end accounts to sophisticated international tax planning and pension advice.

Our aim is to help you and your family invest in the UK and to ensure making your UK experience a profitable one. Amongst our services, we assist our clients with their immigration needs and representing them with advice and support needed to obtain the right visas.

Our UK Real Estate team, are on hand with client’s investment and residential needs, often acquiring off plan and acting as buyers agents when instructed. Dependant on our client’s needs, residency in the UK isn’t always mandatory and our services are tailored to client’s needs.


The UK is the preferred choice for an increasing number of investors and entrepreneurs, from all over the globe for good reason. As the leader of foreign investment in Europe, the UK offers vast business opportunities for investors. Low labour costs and high returns make it an attractive investment destination. With an outstanding reputation as a place to live and work, the UK is the natural home for ambitious foreign investors and their families. In addition to a choice of flexible pathways to residency and citizenship, the UK has strong appeal across the key issues that often concern investors:

Rich and diverse market

The UK is a rich and diverse market ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Fashion and Advanced Manufacturing through to primary food production and including world leading businesses in Space Technologies Aerospace and Automotive engineering. Whatever market sector you operate in you will find the UK an attractive location with customers, product innovators, suppliers and partners easily accessible.

Creative and innovative

Every business needs good ideas and the UK is one of the most prolific sources of imaginative solutions and creative thinking in the world. From research in academia through companies innovating in new products to design for the high street and digital creativity for the games industry, the UK has an outstanding record of achievement.

Internationally Minded

The UK has long term historical links with all corners of the globe extending to strong cultural bonds that are deeply rooted in UK culture. As a result the UK is an ideal location to set up and build a business that’s dependent on international links. Whether you need a network of connections, language skills or a familiar community for staff on expat assignments – the UK will can provide the solution.

UK labour market

The UK’s labour market is one of the worlds’ most flexible. This factor combined with its strong skills base in the UK is reflected in its excellent record of attracting major foreign investors from all over the world.

If you would like to know more about our Inward Investment services to the UK and wish to discuss your business needs contact us today.

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